Tips: Manually add listings

by Zoe Manderson
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How it works

There are a variety of reasons you may want to manually add a listing and upload your own content – you are adding your own custom content, the business doesn’t have a Facebook page, or you can’t find the business using the other search methods. 


If you are unable to find a location using search and need to add it manually, there are two ways to do this – searching by address or clicking on the map and dropping a pin. 

Adding Places using addresses

From the ‘Search Type’ drop down in the right-hand corner, select ‘Addresses’ to search by address.

Adding Places using a dropped pin

If the location of a place is known but not an address, you also have the option to add a place by dropping a pin.

Uploading your content

You can add your own content to each place in your guide, including imagery and copy. If you already have this content on hand, it’s easy to upload.

Other reasons to upload custom content may be:

  • The business/location doesn’t have a Facebook page
  • The location data for the business’ Facebook page is incorrect
  • The quality of the content is less than desirable