Tips: Adding places via ATDW

by Zoe Manderson
how to

How it works

If you have an ATDW distributors licence, we can set it up for you so that you search for places/listings within ATDW. If added via ATDW, it will pull in all content from the ATDW database so that you don’t have to worry about keeping it updated.


  • Take note that while the listing will look blank to you in your Places Library, if added correctly via the ATDW search function, content such as images, descriptions and map information will automatically pull in and display on the front end. If a listing is added correctly, you will see (as above) that a preview image has been pulled in at the top left, and “Australian Tourism Data Warehouse” appears beneath the map.
  • The ATDW search works best when you move the map to the approx. location (it will search the location within the screen window)
  • Type in the business name. This needs to match how it is defined within ATDW. The ATDW search works best with complete words (eg. it won’t start searching if you just type ‘beach hote…’). It also favours unique words (eg. if the business name has common words like ‘cafe’ it will likely ignore those in favour of the unique part of the title)
  • Select the relevant listing from the drop-down and add.
  • Add the tags as you normally would.
  • There is no need to add any content, this will pull in directly from ATDW.

If you have any additional questions, please log them via your Basecamp/ClickUp project and tag your project manager.