Reordering Existing Stops

by Zoe Manderson
how to

Adding a new stop between existing stops

If you have already plotted your journey, but then realise that you missed a stop, or want to add a new stop between stops, follow these steps;

  1. Right click on the stop before where you want to add the new one.
  2. Select ‘Add next destination’
  3. Click on the map where you would like the new stop to go.

The map should automatically change the route. In some cases, if it isn’t sure of the mode of transport you want along the new route, it might draw a straight line. If this happens, right click on the straight route line, select ‘Edit travel via’, and re-select the correct mode of transport.

Reordering an itinerary without a route

If you have created an itinerary of places that are not connected by a route, you can simply drag and drop the stops from the white right hand panel.