How to Add Opening Hours

by Zoe Manderson
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If you are wanting to add opening hours to a place in your Alpaca library, you can manually enter those details in our custom field. Before you add any data, please read through the specifications in order for it to display correctly.

The format may seem complicated, however we have chosen this format because it deals with a number of complex scenarios, such as;

  • multiple open/closed times
  • unknown closed times
  • closing after mid-night
  • complex rules such as open “First monday of the month”.

Examples of common formats:

Ensure each condition is separated by a semicolon (;)

  • Mo-Fr 09:00-15:00; Sa 08:00-12:00; PH off
  • Mo-Th 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00; Fri 13:00-18:00
  • 24/7
  • Jan-Jul: 18:00-23:00
  • Sa[1],Sa[1] +1 day 10:00-12:00 open “first weekend in the month”

Examples of common codes:

  • PH off = public holidays off
  • Mo = monday
  • Tu = tuesday
  • We = wednesday
  • Th = thursday
  • Fr = friday
  • Sa = saturday
  • Su = sunday

You can visualise and validate rules using this resource:

You can also read about the specification: