Adding an Article View Itinerary to Your Website

by Zoe Manderson
how to

The Alpaca itinerary Article View is our full page content experience. The scroll initiated animation reveals content and takes your audience on a journey. If you have decided to you would like to add this view to your website, you can follow the steps below.

The Article View of our itinerary is added to your website using a code snippet. Because it is a full page content experience, it isn’t embed via an iFrame like our standard itinerary view.

  • Insert the Alpaca code you’ve been provided between the header and footer on a blank webpage.
  • Ensure it is full bleed width. It cannot sit within margins/gutters, it needs to control the whole middle section of your page.
  • Take care to not drop the code into a container.


  • If accidentally dropped into an existing container on your page, your CSS can override the Alpaca styles and could be affecting the functionality.