How to add a new user to an existing paid Profile

by Zoe Manderson
how to

For organisations/brands that already have a paid Alpaca Profile, you might want to add additional team members as users to your Profile. To do this, please get the new users to follow the steps below.

Follow these steps below:

  • Visit this link Alpaca Account Sign up
  • Click on ‘Don’t have an account? Create one here.’
  • Sign up using your email address. Each person in your team who needs access will need to sign up separately.
  • You will receive a Verification email, which you will need to action to activate.
  • You do NOT have to do anything else once verified. Do NOT set up your own Profile, we will manually connect you to your business’ paid profile.

Once done, send us a message via the Support form to confirm that you’ve completed the steps, and we will manually connect you to your organisations Profile. Wait until you hear back from you to confirm that you are connected and ready to go!