City Walking Tour Example

This example outlines how to develop a high-fidelity, custom map presentation of an intricate walking tour using Alpaca Travel’s itinerary editor, styled with Mapbox Studio, and built with React. The application visualizes a detailed walking tour through Melbourne’s artistic laneways, illustrating the significant control and complexity possible with the itinerary editor. It also seamlessly integrates local attractions and amenities data, offering an enriched user experience.

Key Features:

  1. High-Fidelity Interactive Mapping: Using the itinerary editor’s content, the map, styled in Mapbox Studio, displays a thorough walking tour of Melbourne’s laneways. The plotted points of interest include art sites, restrooms, and information stations, leading to a detailed and immersive user experience.
  2. Advanced Route Control: The itinerary editor allows for a high degree of control over the routing, enabling the plotting of complex paths, such as longer routes or doubling back. This feature reflects the real-world walking experience, showcasing the itinerary editor’s capabilities.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design: Constructed with React, the example adheres to a mobile-first design philosophy, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience across a range of devices.
  4. Unique Layout & Style: The demo emphasizes how developers can present content from Alpaca Travel’s itinerary editor in a distinctive style and layout that suits their application’s specific requirements.
  5. Alpaca ATDW Base Map Services Integration: The example utilizes Alpaca’s ATDW base map services, providing up-to-date information from the national service. This integration enables the application developer to access and incorporate additional local attractions or services conveniently without complex integration requirements.
  6. Basic Interactions: While interactions in this demo are fundamental, they provide a clear and intuitive starting point for developers to expand upon and enrich to suit their application’s needs.

This demo serves as a practical template for developers or agencies aiming to build their own custom interactive maps and presentations. By leveraging Alpaca Travel’s itinerary editor, Mapbox Studio for map styling, and Alpaca’s ATDW base map services, developers can design intricate, detailed, and engaging user experiences that afford content creators total control over the route and tour experience.

Showing the alpaca itinerary editor being used to plot walking tours
Content creators can plot and create itineraries using the Alpaca Itinerary Editor
Showing the alpaca itinerary editor allowing the content creator to make exact choices over routes taken for their tour
Enhanced routing controls allow the content creator to leverage automatic routing as well as exact control over paths, necessary to make effective walking tours