For Developers: Ready-to-go templates


We’ve made it simple to create beautiful content that can be embed on any website with one click.

Using our tried and tested templates, you can create an Area Guide with filters or curate an individual Travel Story. All templates are designed with a mobile first experience in mind, and can be customised.

Example customisations;

  • Add a brand kit (logo, font, primary colour)
  • Icons
  • Filters
  • Set camera angles
  • Choose integration from a range of data sources (custom upload, Facebook, ATDW)

TEMPLATE 1 – Alpaca Travel Stories

This is a template for displaying journeys, itineraries, trails, tours, road trips, hikes, must-see lists and more. Designed to bring trips to life, and take your audience on a journey with you.

Highlights of what you can display in this template;

  • A routed journey
  • Distances and mode of transport between stops
  • Day segments
  • Stops with text, links, images, video, audio or music
  • Points of interest
  • Icons


Standard – iFrame embed

The standard output for Travel Stories authored within Alpaca is as a responsive iFrame embed code. You can take this embed and add it to your website, into eDM’s, or share across social. 

The embed is flexible enough to be inserted onto any website platform. Some common examples include; WordPress, Medium, Squarespace, Sitecore, Hubspot, Adobe, Simpleview… 

Article View – script tag

Alpaca’s article view allows you to display Travel Stories as long-form scroll-based interactive content. This style of content is shown to achieve much higher on-page engagement.

This is a whole page display. You simply create an empty page template (in your CMS) that has a header and footer, and drop in the Alpaca script tag in the middle (this needs to be full width, not dropped into a container). We draw the HTML to display the Travel Story. Alternatively this can also be achieved by using a cached call.

TEMPLATE 2 – Alpaca Area Guides

This template makes it simple to create an area guide with category filters – display individual places & travel stories. Think of it as a digital visitors guide.

This template has been tried and tested across hundreds of client projects for an optimal user experience. 

Highlights of what you can display in this template;

  • Hero image
  • Category & subcategory filters
  • Region filter 
  • Keyword search
  • What’s nearby filter
  • Display places
  • Display trails/itineraries
  • In-built trip planner – save to shortlist, manage saved list, add a route, follow or share their saved itinerary.


Standard – iFrame embed

The standard output for Area Guides is as a responsive iFrame embed code. This can be added to any website with one click.

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