November 21, 2022
Performance Optimisations

The Alpaca Travel platform has been optimised for further performance, with concurrency provisioning, static generation strategy and new specialised hosting service partners. This results in a faster initial response time to requests, increased successful HIT rate of requests and improved performance of itineraries.

  • Provisioned concurrency
    We have added additional provisioning of resources to our service architecture. This has resulted in an increase initial response time to requests that fall through our CDN’s.
  • Static generation strategy
    We have switched from our primary strategy (Server-side Rendering “SSR” and CDN cache headers) to a new strategy (Incremental Static Generation “ISG”). This increases the performance of our CDN’s globally by largely serving static content.
  • New hosting partner
    We have shifted part of our architecture to a specialised provider with increased performance options for our application.

Alpaca Travel has also implemented website “vitals” tracking in order to monitor and improve the user experience metrics over upcoming releases.