October 24, 2022
Opt-in Enable Download PDF

Users now have the option whether a ‘Download PDF’ option will be shown on supporting embeds. Users can specify their own PDF or leverage a generated version. By default, the ‘Download PDF’ options will now not be shown on embeds.

To enable the Download PDF button on supporting embeds, find the option under “Enhanced Content” -> “Extras”.

October 24, 2022
Duplicate Itinerary

Alpaca Travel has introduced a new ‘duplicate’ feature for itineraries

  • Aimed to make it easier for authors to create variations of an itinerary
  • To duplicate an itinerary, click on the ellipses next to an itinerary card, and select the duplicate option
  • You will be presented with a screen to customise the title, and also choose an alternative language if necessary
October 3, 2022
Optional Colour Assignment For Travel Segments

We’ve just made a great new enhancement to our “Travel Segments” feature- optional colour assignment!

This new enhancement will help travel writers communicate their itineraries more effectively, and also help other users view and follow those itineraries more easily.

With this new feature, travel writers can now choose to assign colours to their segments, which can help represent different groupings or types of information.

We’ve also introduced a new colour ‘contrast’ choice, to improve accessibility and enable users to select lighter colours without losing any detail.

Try out this new feature now and make your itineraries more visually effective and easier to follow!

October 3, 2022
Launching Australian Tourism Data Warehouse Integration

Alpaca Travel is excited to announce the launch of their new integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This new feature allows users to easily create Itineraries by plotting businesses from the database along their journey.

  • Alpaca Travel has launched a new integration with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse
  • The integration allows users to create itineraries by searching and plotting businesses from the database
  • As information is updated about the business, this information is automatically updated on the itinerary
  • The feature is available to our “pro” subscribers that have an API Key for the service now
September 20, 2022
Existing guide user support

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new itinerary editor! This new editor has numerous tools and capabilities to travel writers that improve the ease and speed of creating travel content. The new itinerary editor addresses numerous feature requests, as well as providing a host of new advanced features for authors.

The new itinerary editor can output content that can be directly shown within our subscribers existing guides. Additionally, Alpaca will be launching new ways to display itineraries as well as launching their GraphQL API in the next few months to enable clients to better create and display their itineraries.

Alpaca will be working with existing “pro” level subscription clients to onboard them on to the new platform.

September 20, 2022
Quick-add Custom Icons

We have streamlined the way that you can upload and assign icons to various locations.

  • Quickly assign icons to locations on your itinerary
  • Click on the icon beside the itinerary location to make changes

This feature makes it more convenient and quicker for our users to assign icons across a number of locations appearing on their itinerary. The existing methods of selecting an icon will still be supported.