November 20, 2022
New code examples section launched

Alpaca Travel is excited to announce a new code examples section on our website! This section will showcase different ways to display itinerary data using various mapping technologies. We hope this will inspire developers and agencies to create new and innovative ways to interact with our platform. Stay tuned for more examples to be added in the future!

  • Alpaca Travel has launched a code examples section to assist developers displaying itinerary data directly within mapping technologies.
  • The section will show different technologies, such as Mapbox, Google Maps, and Leaflet.
  • Alpaca takes care of hosting and updating the mapping data in various supported and optimised formats, such as vector tiles or GeoJSON.
  • More advanced use cases can access further data from the platform via GraphQL API.
  • These services make it possible for UX designers and developers to imagine new ways to interact and engage with itineraries, without the hassle of managing the data or building tools on the side for users to create content.
New examples section will help designers and developers leverage build new ways to interact with itinerary content