Power Up Your Content With Thematic Itineraries

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Use themes and experiences to craft enticing journeys your audience can’t resist.


When brainstorming content ideas, you might have either have a specific region (e.g. Yarra Valley), a time period (e.g. day trip, weekender) or a theme (e.g. wineries) to focus on.

Whichever catalyst you begin with, there is one truth to keep in mind: thematic journeys tend to be the most powerful.

By providing an experience-based itinerary, you are arming your audience with a journey that feels more tailored to their wants and needs.

If you’re starting with a region, take some time to research what that region has to offer, and see if any themes or similar experiences present themselves.  If you’re restricted by a time period, stick to experiences that are nearby to eachother, or naturally flow together as part of a journey. If you’re looking for a theme, research your local regions and see which areas might have the most interesting experience to offer and start from there.

From there, you can start to see a route or itinerary take shape.

Themes can be divided into three general groups: interests, audience, and style.


These general themes are a great first step towards thematic content creation and can help direct your itineraries.

Beneath each of these top-level themes, there are multiple experiences and audiences to explore, meaning you have a nearly endless supply of content ahead of you.

To create richer experiences, combine multiple themes or experiences together. Beer + Pets can come together to create a dog-friendly brewery trail, First Nations + Art can inspire an Aboriginal Street Art Tour, while Food + Learning can bring out an autumnal foraging adventure to please the most discerning of foodies.

In the below journey from Roadtrip For Good, “A Waterfall & Winery Family Adventure“, the general themes of nature, family-friendly, and drink have been combined to form an intriguing journey that will have visitors exploring multiple parts of the region.



By layering multiple themes and using these to guide your itinerary creation, you’ll not only be crafting content that gets people moving, you’ll be creating memorable experiences that keep visitors coming back for more.


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