Use Segments

by Zoe Manderson
how to

Segments can be used to organise your content into sections. A common example would be for multi-day trips, each day can be a Segment (Day 1/Day2/Day3). Some other use cases include; towns, themes (eat/drink/play), seasons (summer/winter), sections (easy/difficult)

How to set up segments

You can set up segments before or after you’ve entered your places.

Click ‘Edit Segments’

Select ‘Create new segment’

Give your segment a name & colour. The colour will define the marker/route colour on the map. If you want each segment to be a different colour, you can do that here. If you want to keep it visually consistent, then give each segment the same colour.

How to assign segments

Now you can add places to the segments.
Click into each place and select the ‘Assign segments’ button.

Click to assign to the correct segment. In this example it only belongs to 1 segment, but if you are using ‘Days’ as your segments, then you might add places to multiple days.