Start Plotting

by Zoe Manderson
how to

The best way to begin is to just start adding places to your map. It doesn’t matter if they are in the wrong order, or you don’t have content yet, you can fix that latter on.

Add via keyword search

  1. Click ‘ADD LOCATION’
  2. Type the place name into the search box
  3. Either select the correct option from the drop down or click on the grey dot on the map to ‘ADD’. Some searches may highlight similarly named places in other parts of the world, they are indicated by an ‘Out of view’ label. Your added place will appear in the right-hand list.
  4. Select ‘Venues’, ‘Addresses’ or ‘Localities’ to help narrow/refine your search. Note: The ‘Venues’ refinement searches the Facebook Places API.

Add via map labels

  1. Click ‘ADD LOCATION’
  2. Roll over any map label or open street map icon.
  3. Click ‘ADD’

Add via dropping a pin

  1. To manually drop a pin on a specific location, click ‘ADD LOCATION’
  2. Click on the map where you would like to drop the pin. If you keep zooming into street level, the map will transition to satellite view to assist you in placing your pin more accurately.
  3. Name and classify the location

Add from Facebook

If the business/place you want to plot has a Facebook page with a map location, then you can plot using their Facebook page information. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Paste in their Facebook page URL
    • Click ‘ADD LOCATION’
    • Click the menu lines within the search box
    • Select ‘Facebook Page’
    • Paste in the URL (eg. and hit enter
  2. Type in the business name into the search bar, and select ‘Venues’.

Add from ATDW

If you have an ATDW Distributors Licence (Australia only), please refer to this tutorial.