How to embed – Squarespace

by Zoe Manderson
how to

Add your Alpaca map to your Squarespace website. The script tag tab is easily added using Squarespace’s standard blocks. You can find your script tag on the ‘Embed/Share’ tab in the header when logged into the editor.

  1. Within the page you are wanting to edit, click on the ‘+ Add Block’ drop down.

2. Select ‘</> Code’

3. Add the box into the desired position on the page.

4. Click the pencil within the new block.

5. Paste your Alpaca script tag into the box that appears to the right

Note, it may not display in the backend, and will present you with a message “This block contains embedded scripts. Embedded scripts are disables while you’re logged in and editing your site.”

Once saved and click ‘Done’, your map will display for you to preview.