Get to know your Alpaca Superpowers

by Zoe Manderson

What are Alpaca Superpowers?

They are a suite of AI-powered capabilities for Alpaca users. They are designed to help you enhance your content, elevate your skills, and unlock your potential. You can think of them like your inner content superhero?

The powers released so far include;

  • Define and use a consistent writing style
  • Generate content for your story
  • Re-write or fix content you’ve already written
  • Provide suggestions on enhancements to improve your content

Find out more on the Alpaca Superpowers page.

Is it available to all Alpaca users?

These AI-powered capabilities are available to any paid subscribers (on any tier) using the new ‘Creator’ editor (launched Oct 2022). Whether you are a travel blogger or a global brand, you will have access to these world class features.

How do I get started using Alpaca Superpowers?

Take a look at this video to see some of the new capabilities in action. Then, just log into your paid account to see the superpowers ready to use.

Is there any additional cost associated with using Alpaca Superpowers?

If you are already a paid subscriber of Alpaca, there is no additional cost for using Alpaca’s Superpowers.