Connecting ATDW to your itinerary builder

by Zoe Manderson
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If you have an ATDW Distributors Licence, then you can connect it to your Alpaca ‘Create’ itinerary builder.

Locate your ATDW API Key

If you don’t already have your ATDW API key handy, you can locate your Key in ATDW (via Once logged into ATDW Online, go to the ‘Accounts’ tab, click on your ‘Plans’, your Key should be displayed on the right. If you have any trouble locating your key, reach out to your ATDW contact for assistance.

Note: Make sure it is the API Key that you have, not the ATDW ID.

Connect it to your Alpaca Profile

Log in to your Alpaca Create (the new itinerary builder) account.
Select the ‘Profile’ section in the left-hand column, and click ‘Integrations.

Click ‘Integrate’ on the ATDW tile. Then paste in your ATDW API key.
Click ‘Authorise’ to connect it up.

Note: The ‘Authorise’ button will only become visible if the key you’ve pasted in is correct. If this button is still grey, you may need to check that you’ve pasted in the correct key. Make sure it is not the ID that you’ve used.

Once correctly connected, your ATDW tile will now say ‘Manage’.

Have you tried all the steps above, and it’s still not working?
Then reach out to us to see if we can help.

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