Add Sub-locations or Points of Interest

by Zoe Manderson
how to

In the structure of your journey/trip, you may want to list places under a primary location. These are Sub-locations or Points of Interest (POI).

If sub-locations are added, they are indicated by a grey circle.

There are 2 ways you can do this.

Add to primary location

  1. Click ‘edit’ on the stop you want to add sub-locations to from your right-hand panel.
  2. Click on the ‘Add Sub-Locations’ icons
  3. Plot these places as you would any other place.
  4. When editing these places, following the same steps as you would edit a primary stop. To come back to these places, find them in the ‘Sub-locations’ section of your right-hand panel.

Turn a primary location into a sub-location

If you have already plotted a place, but now you would like to have it sit under a primary location, you can use the reorder functionality.

  1. Click ‘Reorder’
  2. Drag the place and hover over the primary place you want it to sit under (a little bit to the right), and you will see a line appear that shows this will be a ‘child’ of the place above it.
  3. Click ‘Save’