February Platform Improvements and Bug Fixes


We are committed to delivering the best experience for our users, which is why we have made several improvements to our platform. We have fixed several issues, including missing icons or numbers in some embeds, as well as map movement issues on the map-only view. Additionally, we have introduced a placeholder image on embeds and enhanced loading skeletons across applications and embeds to provide a more consistent experience. We have also increased the height of popups on the map and images uploaded to 600w 400h to better display the visual assets attached to itineraries. We have applied various fixes to styling to tighten up the user interface and apply branding better. Lastly, we have made some updates to our map styles, including removing highway shields until zoomed in further, reducing the size of natural/waterway labels, and removing some old-style layers. These updates will improve the user experience and ensure our platform is performing at its best.