Embed Wizard


Unlock seamless customization and integration with the newly introduced Embed Wizard for your Alpaca Travel itinerary maps.

  • Multiple Layout Choices: Tailor the map’s appearance by selecting from various layout options, making it an organic part of your website.
  • Advanced Customization: Go beyond basics—toggle specific UI elements, and adjust settings like height and width for a personalized look.
  • Live Previews: Eliminate guesswork with real-time previews that show you how the map will appear in different web templates and on various devices.
  • Embed Code Flexibility: Choose from multiple embed options, including single script tags and iframe codes, to ensure compatibility with your CMS or developer requirements.

The Embed Wizard streamlines the process of incorporating Alpaca Travel itinerary maps into your website, offering versatility and customization like never before. Enhance your site’s user experience and adapt the map to your unique needs effortlessly.